What sort of camera do you use now? 
Sony A7Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA prime lens, sometimes with a timer or wireless remote.

How about for editing photos? 
Out of pure laziness/habit, I use a desktop version of Picasa for simple, quick edits like cropping, lighting and color fixes. 

Who redesigned the site?
Yours truly, with some help from my brainy wife. FFAF moved from Wordpress to Squarespace. 

OMG, the illustrations. TELL ME HOW. 
Credit for the custom, handmade illustrations used on this website and social media goes 100% to the incredibly lovely and talented Emily Brickel. Her work has been commissioned for luminaries like Nicki Minaj, fashion boutique Bene Rialto, and People Magazine, to name a few. I was so honored to work with her!

(Skwee!) Can I get one made for myself or someone else?
Absolutely! FFAF commissioned a package of illustrations for the redesign, but you can use Emily's super fun new app, ChicSketch, to get a chic little fashion sketch made especially for you! 

Please tell me where you shop. 
The last handful of places I've shopped have been Everlane and Madewell for basics, Gant and J. Crew for all-American staples, and places like AsosTopshop, and Modcloth for affordable, on-trend pieces. I cannot overstate how much I love treasure-hunting for vintage at places like Bobby From BostonSoWa Vintage Market, and good old New England yard sales and secondhand shops. You can also head over to the Blogroll for a full list of shops and brands beloved by both M & I, which will be refreshed soon. 

Who did your tattoos? What do the ones on the back of your legs say? 
Artist and musician Leslie Mah gave me my first tattoos at Diving Swallow in Oakland, CA. They say Renegade Princess (one of my favorite Sonic Youth songs), and I fondly recall listening to the entire Doolittle album while I sat (or lain, rather) that day. 

Gordon Combs is a master and did a stunning Bay Area-themed piece on my right leg when he was still at Seventh Son in SF, CA. (Art Work Rebels in Portland, OR is currently very lucky to have him.) 

Last year we got wedding anniversary cattoos at Providence TattooNick Pellegrino is an awesome dude and did a wonderful job of blending our beloved rescue barncat, Gunny, with tuberose, our wedding flower. 

Can I ask you a personal question? When did you & M get married? Where? 
Sure! We exchanged vows in the Grand Rotunda of San Francisco City Hall on September 15, 2008. 

You've been around for eight years, do you have any blogging advice? 
Pro-tip: Give yourself permission to have a dry spell once in awhile. Burnout is real and sometimes IRL is all, "Girl, no" when it comes to blogging. Breaks are not the gateway drug to quitting a thing; they are self-care! 

Femme invisibility sucks. How do you stay so positive?
Short answer: Other femmes.

Every time I've considered walking away from this project, a femme would tell me how FFAF helped her claim femme identity, to not just accept but celebrate her own femininity. When one of us gets stronger, we all get stronger. Femme community is everything.